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Come talk to me! I finally opened a mentoring program for artists. I am willing to help visual artists who are starting their careers or who need to unlock themselves, improve sales and maximize their potential.

Izabel Pariz desenhando

But what is mentoring?

Mentoring is a tool that aims to guide less experienced professionals in a specific area. Nowadays, with so much competitiveness in the market, the beginning artist - or in development - is lost and doesn't know who to turn to (and it's usually difficult to find out there who is willing to pass on certain information). In mentoring, the artist has an exchange with that more experienced professional, which will help him solve problems.


Mulher tendo aula de mentoria pelo computador
  • Mentoring is in a group - very few vacancies - duration of 1 month and a half

  • There will be 6 weekly live online meetings

  • In mentoring, we will work on the artistic mentality of success, pricing, appreciation of the work, art market, how to sell art, dissemination, digital marketing for artists and more topics.

  • Support for 1 and a half month during mentoring

  • VIP Whatsapp Group 

How much will it cost?

■ Your investment will be only 997.00 in cash or 12x of 99.70.

■ This amount is temporary for the first groups of the year, so it's time to seize the opportunity, learn more and have a transformation!

■ In general, a mentorship in the market costs from 2,000.00 to 15,000.00.

■ So stay tuned: this value is for the first groups only.

It does not stop there!


  • Ebook: "Sell More Your Art on Instagram - 49.90

  • Ebook: "My Seven Mental Triggers" - 19.90

  • Video: "Packing and shipping artwork" - 157.00

  • Certificate template - 29.90

  • Pricing Handout - 19.90

Total of 5 bonuses: 276.60

With all the above bonuses, the mentorship that would be 1,173.60 is now 997.00!


Ana Maria da Luz

Santa Catarina

As I'm still a beginner, I didn't know much about the world of artists and how to put yourself in the market, how to position yourself better. What changed with the mentorship was the clarity of everything, making sure that this is what I'm going to follow, now much safer than before.

Would you recommend mentoring to a friend? Because?

Would definitely recommend. For all the learning that the mentor Izabel Pariz offers, bringing the mentee a much broader path to follow, with a lot of responsibility as an artist.

Paola Quadros

Santa Catarina

Do you know what it's like to walk around with a blindfold on? So, that's how it was before: following the artistic career without a defined direction, just walking as I heard or thought it was. Without knowing the correct way to position themselves as an artist, placing unreasonable prices and thinking that technique alone was enough. With the mentorship of the plastic artist, everything changed. While I looked for tips, I didn't have the learning I had with the mentorship of the plastic artist Izabel Pariz. All her attention I will never forget!


Would you recommend mentoring to a friend? Because?  

To become my best competitor? No way! I would recommend it to myself. Joking apart. I would indicate yes. Many are suspicious of it being something on the internet, but I can say that it is a very worthwhile investment, without fear of making mistakes! Learn secrets that aren't taught through hints. Even before closing, I entered the gallery with an online exhibition.

Elizabeth Kramer


Mentoring helped me to better use my work tools. Also improving my development before the media.


Would you recommend mentoring to a friend? Why? 

Of course yes. Because Izabel Pariz patiently teaches us what we should do step by step, for a better use of our work. I am glad to have participated in this mentorship.

Fill out the form to wait for vacancies (which are extremely limited).

I suggest answering  as questions for analysis. I will be in touch shortly.

  • For budding visual artists

  • For visual artists who already work, but are looking for greater recognition and more sales.

  • For visual artists with a desire to grow, working hard and following all the mentor's guidelines.


Who is the mentoring group for?

IZabel PAriz

who is the mentor?

Izabel Pariz is a self-taught plastic artist and illustrator. From Minas Gerais, married, with a degree in Literature and a postgraduate degree in Spanish, she was a Spanish teacher. In his spare time, he took classes in painting on canvas only as a hobby. But with the increasing development of his skills, he didn't stop anymore. He participated in several national and international exhibitions, including the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, where he won an award. He has had many works sold in Brazil and abroad. But its biggest sales success is through the Internet. She herself takes care of the atelier and all her publicity work.

Instagram: @izabelpariz -

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